Commercial Real Estate Receivership

When you need a receiver for a real estate property, you want experience, reliability, and the proven ability to solve often-complex problems. You need to know that the property is secure and is being maintained properly and that your rents are being collected in a timely manner. You need a company that can mobilize quickly and has resources ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice. And, just as important, you want a receiver who knows how to add value.

SVN OAK Realty Advisors, LLC, brings a unique set of competitive advantages to the role of receiver. Our goal in all cases is to preserve asset value by maximizing cash flow, ensuring the property is secure and well maintained and, ultimately, adding value to the property. We stabilize operations and oversee tenant retention, often repairing damaged relationships with tenants. We develop and put in place a strategic plan for managing the property efficiently. We oversee and direct on-site property management teams. We evaluate and develop custom strategies for marketing, including advertising and leasing. And we develop an exit strategy that delivers optimal outcomes for our clients and other stakeholders.

In addition, as our client you have access to a full range of cost-effective asset management services. Our full-time, in-house experts in property management, accounting, leasing, and sales enable us to offer a higher level of service—and save you money.

At SVN OAK Realty Advisors, LLC, you get more than fifty years of knowledge and the experience you want—plus proven success in numerous high-profile and difficult situations. Our clients trust us with everything from apartment buildings to complex cases such as operating businesses—golf courses, banquet halls, etc. When you are searching for receivership companies in Oklahoma, look no further than SVN OAK Realty Advisors, LLC Real Estate!



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